HW06 有机溶剂 废料
HW17 外面处置惩罚 废料
HW19 露金属羰
HW21 露铬废料
HW22 露铜废料
HW23 含锌废料
HW33 无机氰化 物废料
HW34 兴酸
HW35 兴碱
HW45 露有机卤 化物废料
HW46 露镍废料
HW48 有色金属 冶炼废料
HW49 其他废料

ZheJiang TELI Recycling Rerources CO.,LTD.
TEL: 0573-86981111
FAX: 0573-86981555
ADD: HaiYan,ZheJiang Province.
    Zhejiang special force renewable resources Co., LTD. Is an independent registered investment, was established in November 2006 private economic entity, the registered capital of 26.66 million yuan, legal representative ChenJianFeng.
一、Project name:Metal containing waste recovery projects
    The company under construction metal containing waste recovery project of jiaxing in zhejiang province building hangzhou bay bridge new area, the factory area of 40000 m2, next to the highway, the traffic is convenient. The new bridge in a concentrated construction with gas supply, water supply, power supply, sewage treatment, and other facilities, the construction of the new bridge is supporting living community ......More >>

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